Fort Myers Chiropractor As your local Chiropractor and Chiropractic Neurologist in Fort Myers and Naples, Florida, we are dedicated to healing people of all ages by treating each person as a unique individual. When it comes to pain and disease, one size does not fit all. With decades of experience and having treated hundreds of patients successfully, our motto remains:

“Since the disease is unique to the individual, so is the treatment.”

We offer a wide variety of treatment therapies, and stay on the cutting edge of the most advanced therapies and techniques, with a specialization in Chiropractic Neurology.

What makes Dr. Petryk different?

  • A devout dedication to healing the whole person – no gimmicky “free” 6-minute exams here.  Healing the body is a comprehensive scientific process with a great deal of detective work involved as well. A simple adjustment after a few minutes of examination will not address any underlying issues.
  • An undying passion for learning the latest technological and scientific advances in chiropractic and neurology has led Dr. Petryk to specialize in Chiropractic Neurology whereas many chiropractors remain unfamiliar with the depth of the brain/body/spine connection and the amazing discoveries and treatments in this field. He consults with patients and physicians from through out the world in the area of Chiropractic Neurology and accepts out-of-town patients who do not have access to a Chiropractic Neurologist in their area.
  • An outstanding body of work leading to the complete healing of countless patients since 1988. Almost all of Dr. Petryk’s new clients come from personal referrals.
  • An amazing support staff that are the best in their field.